Hydraulic Cylinder, rod, piston, seals, used in construction machinery

R&G Group

Savings of over £100k, compared to traditional website processes.

R&G Fluid Power Group, a conglomerate of UK-based businesses specialising in fluid power products and systems. The Group’s diverse portfolio and extensive product knowledge have set them apart in their industry. Our collaboration began following their acquisition of Hydraulic Megastore, a long-standing client of ours, which marked the start of a transformative journey for R&G Fluid Power Group’s digital presence.


R&G Fluid Power Group faced a significant challenge after acquiring over 30 businesses. Each business had its own website, developed by different providers on various systems, resulting in a fragmented digital presence.

These websites were inconsistent, with some being outdated and insecure, leading to poor performance. The Group also struggled with managing multiple points of contact across various agencies and had limited control over their website content, complicating their ability to present a unified brand identity online.


To address these challenges, we designed a new template website system built on a WordPress CMS multisite network. This solution ensures consistency across all group websites while allowing for each company’s branding to shine through.

We developed a system enabling rapid deployment of new sites, typically within two weeks, granting the client complete control over their content across all platforms.

This strategic overhaul was not just about alignment; it was about empowering R&G Fluid Power Group with the agility and efficiency needed for their growing portfolio. Our approach simplified the process of integrating new acquisitions, ensuring a seamless digital transition.



Centralised control: The Group’s marketing team can now update all company websites from a central system, streamlining content management and ensuring consistency.

Enhanced ROI: Changes and enhancements are easily rolled out across all group websites, yielding better returns on design and development investments.

Speedy integration: The ability to launch a Group-standard website for new acquisitions in less than four weeks has significantly accelerated the integration process.

Improved performance: All websites have shown better performance in search engines and lead generation, marking a significant improvement over previous sites.

Stats in the first 12 months

saved in year 1 compared to traditional website creation processes

websites delivered in 8 months

engagement rate compared with a previous 44%

“Easy to work with, communicate with, and their efforts have helped push us through with the multisite project. Kept in the loop with each part of the projects, with fortnightly check-ins, full transparency on task work. Great communication. Just what we wanted. A great relationship with great results.”

Ben Bates, R&G Group