Solar Power NI

Dominating the search results with a 6x ROI

Solar Power NI stands as a leading provider of solar panels in Northern Ireland, marking its presence with expertise and quality services. Despite their strong market potential, they encountered a significant challenge that threatened their growth and operational stability. Our journey with Solar Power NI began during this critical period, aiming to revitalise their digital presence and lead generation capabilities.


The company faced a severe downturn in leads due to a website that failed to engage or effectively communicate their value.

This downfall led to a scarcity of quality leads, an influx of time-wasters, and posed a substantial threat to their sales and operational viability.

The core of their struggle was an unengaging website and a digital marketing strategy that did not capture the essence or expertise of Solar Power NI.


We launched into action with a digital marketing strategy, anchored by a new website designed to convert visitors into leads.

Our approach included compelling content, clear unique selling points, and elements to build trust with potential customers.

We bolstered this with SEO initiatives to improve visibility, targeted paid search campaigns, and engaging email marketing efforts to draw in high-quality leads.

Each step of our strategy was meticulously monitored and adjusted to ensure peak performance and efficient use of resources.


The results were transformative:

Lead generation saw a six-fold increase within the first year, redefining the company’s sales records and operational capacity.

The business expanded, doubling their fitting teams to meet the demand.

Profit margins saw a significant uptick, ushering Solar Power NI into a new era of industry leadership.

Key achievements included securing their first paid marketing lead within 24 hours of campaign launch, acquiring leads at an impressive rate of £10.08 per conversion, and generating over 450 ‘free’ leads through SEO, all contributing to a 6x return on investment.

Stats in the first 12 months

return on investment

free leads generated from organic marketing

website engagement rate, compared with 38%

“I have worked closely with Laser Red for nearly three years. They have built us a new website and helped grow our portfolio to become one of the most searched companies in Northern Ireland in the renewables industry.”

Adam Newell, Solar Power NI