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Tong Engineering

Savings of over 50k using a multisite platform

Tong Engineering, the leading specialists in vegetable handling, grading, and sorting machinery. Boasting over 90 years of experience and innovation in their field, Tong’s dedication to quality has set them apart. Our journey together has been one of continual evolution, reflecting both our client’s ambitions and the changing digital landscape.


Seven years since its last major update, Tong’s website was showing its age, especially against competitors who had recently modernised their online presence.

This outdated platform was not only falling behind in Google’s performance, accessibility, and standards metrics but also restricted Tong in content control and presentation.

Additionally, Tong aspired to rapidly and cost-effectively expand into new international markets, necessitating a multi-region website capability.


We embarked on a comprehensive digital overhaul, crafting a modern website built on the WordPress CMS multisite network.

This platform was not just an update; it was a strategic tool designed for accessibility, market-specific messaging, and scalability.

We enabled Tong to launch tailored websites for the UK, USA, France, Spain, and Portugal, complete with automated location detection to guide customers to the correct site, including adapting to Google’s country-specific search engines.

This solution was a blueprint for agility in global expansion, allowing Tong to swiftly adapt to and capitalise on new market opportunities.



The transformation has been profound:

Tong now enjoys control over its digital presence, able to manage and update all websites swiftly and efficiently.

New markets are no longer a distant horizon but a near-term reality, with the ability to launch a new site in just four weeks.

Thanks to the enhanced technical foundation, each website has climbed the search rankings, benefiting from improved performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

Digital enhancements and additions are now amplified across Tong’s website network, maximising their digital marketing ROI and ensuring consistency in their global brand presence.

Stats in the first 3 months since launch

in savings, compared with a traditional website build process

engaged site visitors

increase in lead generation

“We have been working with LaserRed since 2015. The team communicated well to ensure we achieved the desired result. Any requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently. They are a forward-thinking company bringing new ideas to the table to help us align our online and offline marketing strategies.”

Carole Metcalfe, Tong Engineering