Wise Robotics

Propelling Wise Robotics to the digital forefront

Wise Robotics, a visionary division within the larger software entity, Orderwise. Initially grappling with a lack of distinct brand identity and an outdated website, Wise Robotics faced the challenge of not accurately reflecting the advanced technological solutions they offer. Our goal was clear: catapult Wise Robotics into the 21st century and position them as a leader in the global robotics industry.


Wise Robotics was in a digital dilemma.

Their brand identity was nearly non-existent, lost within the larger framework of Orderwise.

The website, a relic of the past, failed to showcase the cutting-edge technology and innovation at the core of their business.

This misalignment significantly hindered their ability to compete and grow in an industry that thrives on modernisation.


Our strategy was holistic, aimed at redefining Wise Robotics from the ground up.

We crafted a brand identity that resonated with their mission for modernisation and growth.

This new identity was the cornerstone for developing a cutting-edge new website, which not only showcased their capabilities but also ensured accessibility, best practices, and was optimised for PPC and SEO. Our efforts were geared towards not just a relaunch but a complete digital reinvention of Wise Robotics.


The results were quick and impactful:

  • We achieved a significant milestone by ranking their highest competitive keyword on page 1 in just 9 months.
  • Website traffic saw a threefold increase, bringing more visibility and potential leads.
  • Engagement rates on the website soared from 41% to 68%, indicating higher user interest and interaction.
  • The new CMS made content management seamless, allowing Wise Robotics to effortlessly update their offerings and showcase their case studies.
  • This strategic overhaul not only enhanced Wise Robotics’ digital presence but also established them as a formidable contender in the robotics solutions arena.

Stats in the first 12 months

top priority keywords on page 1 of Google

increase in web traffic

new additional leads each month on average

“Laser Red have supported us on a major website redesign and replatform, working with multiple integrations. Their approach throughout the project has been excellent, they are very knowledgeable, have a wide range of expertise in house, their project management is very good and they are always forward thinking.”

Rich Morley, OrderWise